you don't need a good marriage to raise emotionally healthy kids

It takes a Village to raise a child, we can help you build it!


A destructive family system is one in which some or all of the individuals regularly experience conflict, abuse, neglect, trauma, and/or an imbalance of power & control.

Are you co-parenting with someone who:

Are you parenting while navigating:

You're in the right place

This Is What We Know To Be True...

When you try to do it all, you rob both God and the people who love you, the joy of providing help. Your kids need people to come alongside them and love on them with understanding, compassion, and empathy; and so do you! They will learn more valuable skills from observing your relationships than they ever will at school, and you will learn more about yourself from observing them than from a stack of self-help books. We want to live in a world where the Christian lifestyle is defined by the freedom we have been given, rather than the things we should avoid.
Pastors and well-meaning people helpers often see marriage as the first, and sometimes only line of defense against the pressure and negative influences our children can experience from society. On the flip side, our culture claims that education is what makes or breaks a child’s future, but that has caused us to focus more on our kids’ education than on our kids. When you’re in, or have just come out of a destructive relationship, it’s not enough for you to be the only one combatting the (destruction) your children are experiencing, they need support from as many people around them as possible.

So, who are we?

We help moms recovering from destructive relationships bring up resilient children while they build the village it takes to raise them; without alienating the other parent. Grounded in the Christian faith, we help you connect with God, yourself, and your children, create sustainable support systems, and empower you to build a joyful and stable life for your family, contributing to healthier relationships in the future.

Hi! I'm Jess,

Once upon a time, I was like you: surviving, but isolated and lonely, numbing out on Netflix and chocolate, while oblivious to the destruction occurring under my own roof. Without a strong sense of community or resources, I was not doing a great job of parenting my children or taking care of myself. Sick of hearing people talk about doing life together, I decided to figure out how to actually BE in community.
Fast forward a few years, many adventures and hard lessons. I have gone from lonely, to knowing that no matter what, I have people who love and support me, and from not having any boundaries, to knowing how and when to stand up for myself and my children. Instead of wasting valuable time and money in the court system, I chose to focus on healing and empowering myself and my children to navigate the inevitable reality of co-parenting with a destructive individual. During this journey I have gained various certifications in coaching and biblical resources, and realized that I had actually been creating and impacting communities around me for years. Through my training, experience, and the school of hard knocks, I have picked up strategies and techniques that I now use to help you on your own co-parenting journey.



I want a place to be real!

You want a place where you can take off the mask and share your story; where you are surrounded by other women and where you can gain resources to help your children.

I need to talk!

You’re angry, and overwhelmed you want to scream! You need someone to hold space while you vent, cry, and complain. Then you want them to help you up and direct you where to go from there.

I need help!

Your want you kids to be emotionally healthy and have good relationships, but you don’t know how to help them. You want real, gritty, actionable steps to take!

I want accountability!

You want to learn how to build your family’s resilience AND community. You need accountability and the love and compassion of a group as you walk this journey of parenting in a destructive family system. You want to commit to a small group of women who have each other’s backs

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What Client's Have Said

"Because I have this group - showing me that I’m not alone, that I have a soft place to land, women who understand, and have encouraged me to keep my eyes on Jesus and press on to be my best self (not there yet, but at least I’m on my way now!)."
Heather D.
"Not gonna lie, I cried last night because two people I barely know dropped everything just to meet me and my family. My flesh and blood wouldn't even do something so generous. You ladies are great. I am so blessed to have met you"
Rachel B.
"My family of originally is toxic. I always wanted sisters. Who knew it would take me three decades and a hard marriage to find several?"
Tamara M.
"What I love about the group Jess has created is that it's so real. Real life, real problems, real pain, real intentionality, real talk... I have loved it."
Jami D.